Who we are

The Director of Torchwood Group is Leigh Eldridge.

In addition to significant experience in government business and management strategies and processes, Leigh has strategic thinking skills, Human Resource Management competencies, performance management experience, expertise in managing organisational change, extensive group facilitation experience, risk management competencies and a well-developed understanding of policy implementation.

Leigh’s knowledge, skills and abilities have been derived from extensive experience in both the public and private sectors, where Leigh has held positions as a Director of government business, Human Resource Manager, Management Consultant, Trainer, Training Manager, and Risk Manager.

Leigh has reviewed many aspects of government operations since being in Australia’s north.  In particular in the Northern Territory, this ranges from a review of BushfiresNT, the effectiveness of various clubs and professional associations, Non Government Organisations’s, advised on governance arrangements across whole agencies, developed risk management strategies for agencies, as well as assessments of operational areas and projects.

Leigh has worked in mining, power generation, major construction projects, and run an independent consulting business, as well as forays in natural resource management, power industry, mental health, local government, universities, manufacturing, the oil and gas industry, transport, forestry and the motor trade.

Torchwood Group is more than one person however.

Through a network of consultants in a variety of disciplines Torchwood Group is able to either source specific expertise or pull together an alliance to assist leaders to define and enact a vision which facilitates change where it is needed most.

Change that is called for as a result of changes in government directions, shifts in economic activity, the impact of digital disruption, evolving industries and the shifting sands of our very social fabric. As trusted advisors we help by defining context, understanding markets, engaging with customer needs and managing organisational behaviours.

We deliver strategies and operational execution that fit our clients’ business, building genuine value propositions. The depth and breadth of our experience extends across many aspects of government activity, public sector strategy, business contexts, digital marketing, human resource management, stakeholder engagement and feedback,market analysis, project management, financial investment, risk assessment and much more.

Collectively our industry expertise transverses government, Non Governemnt and Not for Profit organisations, sports, creative industries, media, resources, agribusiness, technology, energy, construction and education.

But our knowledge and networks are not confined to specific industries,- our collective acumen has universal application and benefit.